Out of this World: The Space Shuttle Endeavor

After 25 missions in space and a historical 12-mile journey through the streets of Inglewood and Los Angeles, the Space Shuttle Endeavor makes its permanent residence at the Samual Orchin Pavilion at the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

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Now a famous historical attraction since 2012, Endeavor’s final mission is to inspire current and future generations of explorers and scientists. The Endeavor exhibit appeals to a wide age range of visitors from the very young to the very old. During our visit to the exhibit, we were definitely amazed by the impact of science and technology on outer space exploration. The exhibit showcases creative and innovative ways to stimulate active learning. We definitely felt like kids again as we roamed the exhibit floor looking at all the displays.

We touched the original tires of the Endeavor space shuttle when it landed from one of its missions and watched a video demonstration on how astronauts use the bathroom out in space. There is even a display of a “space potty” showing what toilets look like on a space shuttle.

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We especially enjoyed boarding a flight simulator ‘ride’ that emulates a ‘mission’ to outer space. For an additional $5 a person, you and up to 5 other passengers look at a digital screen from aboard the ‘cockpit’ to visualize what astronauts experience when a space shuttle launches to when it lands. Did you know that astronauts must input coordinates before traveling back to Earth and trust that the space shuttle will land safely on its own?

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During our visit, L.A. Gnome was fortunate to have Robert “Bob” Kremer, PhD join us. At one point in his life, he was a professor of mechanical engineering at University of Southern California and served as a real life rocket scientist. He was also one of the engineers behind NASA’s space shuttle program, which has spanned over 30 years of discovery. Bob is now retired, but his passion and excitement about space travel is still there. He was our own personal tour guide and a pleasure to be with. His firsthand experience in the space shuttle program and expert knowledge about the subject truly added to our amazing day at the exhibit.


L.A. Gnome’s TIPS:

  • Parking in the lot is $10 and Cash Only! If you go on Sunday, parking on the street is free.
  • The California Science Center is free; however viewing the Endeavor exhibit requires a timed ticket. The best way to guarantee a visit is to reserve a timed ticket online. There is a $2 service fee per advanced ticket purchase online.
  • L.A. Gnome highly recommends purchasing the Endeavor/IMAX Combo and watch the IMAX movie, Hubble 3D to enhance your educational visit.
  • Hubble 3D was produced in collaboration with Warner Bros. Studio and NASA and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. You will journey through outer space with amazing imagery captured from the famous Hubble telescope. You will be just as amazed as we were discovering distant galaxies and learning how solar systems are created. Through the lens of the Hubble, you will see how the impact of space technology has helped us better understand our galaxy and appreciate our own little planet, Earth. The universe isn’t as small as you may think!

Here is a preview of the film:
The IMAX Theater has a huge screen (seven stories high), so generally most seats are good for viewing. The best seats are in the middle, so fall in line early to snag them. Doors open 10 minutes prior to show time.

Ticketing for Endeavor/IMAX combo is as follows:

Adults (18+): $8.25
Child (4-12): $5.00
Senior (60+): $6.00
Student with ID: $6.00


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For more information about the Endeavor Exhibit in Los Angeles: http://www.californiasciencecenter.org/Exhibits/AirAndSpace/endeavour/endeavour.php




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