Art That Pops: The Copro Gallery

Paying homage to our appreciation for L.A. art and culture, L.A. Gnome decided to spend an afternoon at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Copro Gallery is one of L.A. Gnome’s favorite contemporary art galleries located within Bergamot Station’s refurbished industrial buildings.

Copro-Gallery-Bergamot-Station-Santa-Monica607 (Large)

Founded in 1991, the gallery’s space once served as a warehouse for packaging celery and making ice since the 1950s. Today the gallery is home to a creepy life-like sculpture of two tiny old men conjoined at the abdomen with something looking like feces coming out of what appears to be a shared anus.

Copro-Gallery-Bergamot-Station-Santa-Monica611 (Large)

Designed to exhibit works of art that integrate gothic-inspired images of horror, fantasy, and the surreal, Copro Gallery has been home to pieces of art created by many famous names in pop surrealism, such as Mark Ryden, Shag, and Von Dutch.

For those of us who may not be familiar with pop surrealism, pop surrealism is an underground visual art movement that began in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. Pop surreal artists take inspiration from street art, skateboarding culture, comics, cartoons, fantasy, punk culture, and the like. Drawing from these ideas, successful pop surreal artists depend on technical skill and the ability to create a mood and atmosphere in their work. What we love about our visit to Copro Gallery is that artwork here is done well. The artwork shows highly refined skill, yet the story behind the pieces intrigued us.

The gallery is also known for introducing new emerging talent. By incorporating the art of well-known celebrated artists of today with those of the freshly discovered, Copro Gallery has been successful in delivering Pop Surreal art shows that have attracted over 600,000 visitors a year.

L.A. Gnome’s TIPS:

  • Copro Gallery is one of many art galleries at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. This industrial site is city-owned and free for visitors. Even the parking is free. Be sure to visit the other free galleries and the other artwork on display. L.A. Gnome was inspired by some of the art shown in other galleries, too!
  • The gallery is open between Wednesday and Saturday’s from 1pm-6pm.

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To read more about Copro Gallery, Click here.


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